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Office Excel


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Office Excel


About this course

Microsoft Excel is the standard spreadsheet application for both the business world and for personal use. However, there are several important reasons why Excel training can make a large impact on employee and company productivity.

Whether you’re new to Excel or an advanced user, this training course will cover what you need to know to become an Excel power user. And since our Excel courses reveal so many tricks and shortcuts, you can quickly find ways to apply the knowledge to make your current jobs easier.


• Work with tables and save them in different formats
• Use integrated functions such as help function to increase productivity
• Make cell records entry and use best practices when creating lists,
• Select, sort, copy, move, and delete data
• Edit rows and columns on the worksheet. To copy, move, delete, and rename worksheets properly
• Create logical and mathematical formulas using standard table functions
• Use good practice while working with formulas and recognize formula error values
​​• Format numbers and text content on the chart
• Choose, create and format graphics to communicate information in a meaningful way
• Adjust the table’s page and check, correct the content before executing table printing
• Apply advanced formatting options such as conditional formatting of the numbers and work with worksheets
• Use functions such as those related to logical operations, financial, statistical and mathematical operations
• Create diagrams and apply advanced formatting to them
• Work with tables and analyze, filter and classify data. Create and use scenarios
• Control and audit calculated data
• Improve productivity by working with the so-called macro cell and template game
• Connect, import, and export specific features to integrate data
• Collaborate and review spreadsheets calculated. Apply security features when calculating tables.

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